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  • Who we are...


    We are a (non profit) group of individuals from many different nations who are dedicated to Uncovering Truths. We all have a passion for investigating and learning about conspiracies and work as one strong unit to Uncover Truths with evidence, data and reports that are (surprisingly) not being covered by the 'main stream media'.












    We investigate all manor of conspiracies and have turned up some incredible truths regarding events such as 9/11, flight MH370 and also our consciousness to name but a few. We are all dedicated contributors, researchers and learning the truths about ourselves, 'the elite' and what we are all capable of as human beings.

  • What we do...

    We are a group of individuals that have been researching, investigating and Uncovering Truths for a long time. We have spent a year pooling our research and sharing information, keeping us all in the look of what's really going on within our planet and our universe.













    We have built a secure, private community with tools for our research and investigations, which include the revolutionary UTi(nvestigation) Wikis. As we all know, Wikipedia has become a source of absolute horse-shit... so we've built our own where only proven and trusted members can edit and add information (facts only), making our Wiki pages a source of facts and truths regarding global events, politics, UFOs, alien interaction and much more.

  • Why we're doing it...

    We are doing this out of frustration with the people who are running this world. We have staged our own (peaceful) information war with the main stream media and political influences. We also plan on creating our own TV station and radio station dedicated to exposing and  SHARING the truth, with both members and non members.











    We want to utilize the last avenue that can't be controlled (the internet) and use our members to spread our investigations with the rest of the world. We also want to educate the globe on dogmas in science that are holding us back as a species, Our ultimate goal is to have members in most countries, then start our own political parties (globally) to tackle such issues as 'profit' vs  destruction, banking/financial  system, total reform, lies in main stream media,  completely reform tax systems and the roles/powers of governments, put an end to surveillance programs, so few people owning most of the globe's finances/assets (redistribution) &  hunger in all countries  (to name a few).

  • How do I get in??

    For our security and to protect the integrity of our data, you cannot just join our network and getting in is not exactly an easy task. The only way in is to know someone who is already inside, until then, we're afraid you just going to have to wait. If you know someone on the inside you can ask them to send you a Pass-Key, which will grant you access to register...















    Your friend will only have 5 Pass-Keys, by sending you one they are vouching that you are trustworthy and dedicated to learning/exposing the truth. After you have submitted your application a member of The Council will review your application and approve your account, if they are satisfied you are genuine and not a bot... The best way is to openly ask on social media platforms if anyone has any Pass-Keys left, because if you don't have one- You're not coming in!

  • Community News

    UT Community News is an independent news organization run and populated by our own members. We are dedicated to sharing information with our members all across our network in one place. Members who have a good enough ranking will write news articles to keep all members in the loop of what is going on and truths behind current world events ('fringe' news if you like).

  • Groups

    Our Research Groups is an important tool in Uncovering Truths. They operate much like Facebook's groups, only with added functionality to allow us to share data and collaborate with one another. As well as the group features you'd come to expect, all our groups have the ability to have its own forum, have a live chat room, 'FileShare' capabilities and can even be private or hidden from other members. Anybody can create groups and you decide what sub-tools (like forum, chat room etc)  are active or not. We put the choice into your hands!

  • Q&A

    Some people like to read lengthy Wiki pages, others like a short and sweet answer... This tool is for the latter of you! Much like Yahoo Answers, the Q&A tool allows members to ask questions to the community and also answer the questions of others. Members can vote questions and answers up and down to allow the best of the best to be easily displayed.

  • Exams

    Our Exams and Credentials system allows all members to watch  YouTube videos of various subjects and conspiracies. You the take the Exam following the video you have watched and are awarded Karma for completing the Exam and bonus Karma for passing with a score of 100%. New Exams/subjects are being added and selected members are always looking for new interesting videos to include and educate using our Exams and Credentials. This tool has been a real help in educating everybody on truths with an added fun extra of it all being one big game.

  • UTi Wiki

    No opinions, no crap, just facts!


    This area is the place to learn about all manner of subjects, a Wiki with a bit of a difference. As we all know, Wikipedia has become a source of utter shit, because anyone and everyone can edit. At Uncovering Truths, we want to keep our Wikis pure… So here’s how we suggest we do it…


    1) The UTi (Uncovering Truths Investigation) Wiki must contain factual information, which can either be proved or backed up by sources or evidence.

    2) Theories are reserved for the Research Groups and Forums, unless you are supporting or debunking a theory with the factual data you are supplying.


    3) Only members of the DELTA Wave, or higher, (with a proven trust rating) may edit the Wiki pages.


    4) Information is read from the groups and forums, then is double checked by a Wiki Team Author before being added to the Wiki pages, with references or sources.


    Wiki Team Authors can only be invited by The Council, Administrators or Moderators, based on the quality of information and research you bring into our network.


  • Link Share

    Our Link Share tool allows members to share links to videos and media from all over the internet. Members can then find links by category, most recently shared, popular and even by category. You can vote and comment on links, all of which earning you Karma inside the network (fire)walls.

  • Forums

    Inside our forums members come together to discuss theories, facts, rumours, data and more. We also discuss conspiracy theories and current world events, sharing information and dissecting the truth from the lies spread by corporate main stream media.


Only use this form to contact us if:


- You want to leak information to us

- You believe that there is something we should investigate

- You are a personality

- You believe you can publicize our investigations

- You would like to donate to our research/projects

- You would like to advertise inside our network

- You believe you to contribute

- You want more information on our work



DO NOT use this for if:


- You are asking to become a member (our entry rules are strict, if you don't have an insider who vouches for you, you're not coming in!)


- You want to purchase our data... It's not for sale!!


- You want to gain access to our member database - Our users share no personal information and use fake email addresses to register their accounts


- You think you can give us a bribe to membership - You can't, we are not in this for profit, we are in this to Uncover Truths!



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